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Why Poland?

After extensive market research the overwhelming feedback is that the market is ready and wanting Capacity Central Europe to evolve and broaden its scope in order to capture the Eastern European region.

With more than 38 million citizens and continuously steady economic growth for the past 6 years, Poland has become a favourable region for investment, as many look towards the country for the next market opportunity. The telecoms industry is thriving in this market and is quickly becoming one of the best-served telecommunications platforms in the Eastern European region.

Growth strategies in Poland

The European telecoms landscape is a dynamic environment, dominated by a few key players. However, regional markets still have a lot to offer. We wanted to know what are the opportunities for international companies to invest in the Polish telecommunications market and how can collaboration with international players be enhanced? 

Robert Staniszewki, Wholesale Department Director at POLKOMTEL SP Z.O.O, told us what makes the Polish market attractive to international carriers and where the growth strategies lie.  

Top 3 telecom opportunities in Poland:

1. Although there are over 38 million people living in Poland, fixed broadband internet penetration is low and requires investments (especially in fibre optic technologies). A large part of the fixed broadband internet access network in Poland consists of ADSL technology, while rural areas only have access to mobile broadband (especially LTE).

Thus, Polish companies are looking for international partners for capital investments.

2. Due to its geographical positioning, Poland is a great hub for international companies that want to provide wholesale services to Eastern European countries, a market that is yet to peak in terms of telecoms revenue.

So, Polish companies can be attractive for service distribution networks.

3. While the regional telecoms market is closing the gap on technology and services offered by Western European countries, penetration of integrated services in the Polish market is much lower than in Western European countries.

This means that companies offering integrated services can take advantage of a market with low competition and large growth opportunities. 

Want to meet Polish telecoms companies? 

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