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AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange)
is a neutral and independent Internet exchange based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Interconnecting close to 600 IP networks, having a business traffic peak of more than 2 Terabit per second and providing a innovative technical platform, makes AMS-IX the world's leading Internet exchange. The AMS-IX platform provides a professional, high quality, non-blocking peering service for all types of IP traffic, be it regular IP data such as email or web content, to also video/TV and hosting and cloud services. AMS-IX additionally hosts the first mobile peering point worldwide, the Global GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX), the Mobile Data Exchange (MDX) and the first interconnection of IPX networks (Inter-IPX). AMS-IX deploys two Internet Exchanges abroad - AMS-IX Hong Kong in the Asia Pacific region and AMS-IX Caribbean based in Curacao.
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AT&T offers a wide spectrum of IP and switched based services and products for global carriers, wireless service providers, cable operators, system integrators, ISPs and content providers. AT&T’s solutions include network design, data transport, IP-MPLS, Intellectual Property, Cloud Computing and Professional Services to help wholesale customers address business challenges, embrace new technology and respond quickly to market drivers. The single-source, local-to-global communications services from AT&T are designed to deliver consistent quality, reliability and simplicity from within a secure network environment. For more information, please visit

Atrato IP Networks is a leading provider owning and operating a Global Network (AS5580) with both MPLS and IP-services on its core backbone. With a customer base comprising Carriers, ISPs, CDN providers and hosting companies, Atrato develops its network to support these demanding, high traffic businesses well in advance of projected bandwidth growth. Atrato’s network covers all the major POPs in over 20 countries. Connected to more than30 internet exchanges, the resiliency and low latency of the network is guaranteed. Atrato’s Autonomous System (AS5580), is now one of the largest IPv4 backbones in Europe and has become one of the top 3 leading IPv6 networks globally. Next to providing CDN infrastructure solutions, Atrato’s IP-transit product -with both transits and peerings in the US, Europe and Asia- is used by many networks to extend their global reach without the Capex needed for such a buildout and a lower Opex compared to other networks. Atrato is an official partner of AMS-IX, DE-CIX , LINX conneXions, Netnod Reach, PLIX and ECIX Internet Exchanges, allowing to provide direct Internet Exchange capacity remotely to any on-net location on customers’ networks.
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BeoX is a US-based international wholesale carrier with presence in Turkey and in UK providing voice services to worldwide wholesale carriers since 2004. BeoX has 400+ interconnects including Tier1 Carriers, PTTS and MVNO’s across the world and impeccable track record for providing high quality voice wholesale services to hard to reach destinations.
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is an international telecom operator with licenses and exclusive interconnects throughout the Middle East and North Africa. We carry our own sources of retail traffic as well as trade in wholesale international hubbing. In addition to our focused routes in the region, we also offer a full A-Z to worldwide locations. Our main switch resides in the Itenos PoP in Frankfurt, Germany. Our service is provided using Carrier Grade switches and dedicated fibre optic connectivity. Partners can interconnect over the Interoute or Epsilon networks with either TDM or IP connections.
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Brilliant Network own high-capacity points of presence in Russia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and many other “Stan” countries. Brilliant Customers: Tier-1 Incumbent and Mobile operators, Leading Wholesale carriers Brilliant Vendors: 500+ providers worldwide, including 65 Direct in-country providers. Looking for new Direct providers! Brilliant Technologies: Best-in-Class Business Intelligence and Routing systems provide highest Voice quality parameters. Brilliant Traffic: 530 Million minutes in 2011.
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Cegecom is the alternative telecom provider in Luxembourg and the Greater Region offering a comprehensive and innovative range of communication services to Carriers, Wholesalers and Businesses. Supported by class-leading infrastructure and redundant systems, we provide our customers high performance services such as Leased Lines, Voice termination (including Geo and Special numbers), Internet access, VPN, Satellite services, Hosting & Housing. You can trust on Cegecom for your telecom services in Luxembourg, a central gateway to the European Market.
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China Unicom is a world-leading telecom operator in terms of revenue and customer base, ranking as one of the premier companies in the Fortune Global 500. China Unicom has 31 branches in mainland China and 5 overseas subsidiaries. China Unicom offers both fixed and mobile telecom services for enterprise and carrier customers via an extensive last mile, long haul and international network.China Unicom’s vast global network covers more than 100 countries with direct connections and partnership agreements in place with more than 85 international carriers while owning capacity in a variety of international cable systems.
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Data Access Solutions Inc. is a Toronto based company operating as a wholesale provider of International Voice over IP (VoIP) services. Through our owned and operated POP in Toronto, direct routes to several destinations in Middle East and with cooperation of our worldwide partners, we offer termination services to over 150 countries worldwide to many Tier 1, Tier 2 Telecommunication and calling card companies around the globe. For more information, please visit

Dial Telecom provides services for both wholesale and retail. Our wholesale sector specializes in providing cable ducts, dark fibre and backbone capacity to international and national carriers, ISPs, and ASPs. The company has an exceptionally well developed Ethernet over fibre network and DWDM connections to most major regional capitals. Dial Telecom is connected to the world’s largest Internet exchanges (DE-CIX, KleyerEx, AMS-IX, LINX, ECIX, NIX.CZ and SIX.SK) and it is part of the well established international Dial Telecom Group.
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EvoSwitch is a leading provider of secure and hyper-connected carrier-neutral data center services. With sustainable data centers at the internet’s major global hubs,  EvoSwitch is home to the world's leading content and network providers. EvoSwitch puts a strong focus on market development inside its data centers, creating tangible value for customers and partners alike.
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Expereo with an installed base in more than 170 countries, is the leading global Hybrid Network Operator providing Dedicated & Broadband Internet Access, Virtual Private Networks, Equipment and On-site Professional Services to carriers and integrators. Starting as a pioneer in 2004 in Europe, Expereo has created a unique global offering, defining the Hybrid Network Operator model for Internet Services, and leading it since then. Today, Expereo operates in all key regions and has a presence in the Netherlands, United States, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Russia, Mexico and Morocco.

FiberRing delivers!
As a leading international network service provider FiberRing delivers data networks and Internet connectivity to hundreds of customers ranging from hosting providers and Internet service providers to telecommunications companies, enterprises and the like. We offer our services through an all-optical next generation MPLS enabled IP backbone. This robust and sustainable state-of-the-art network with one of the world’s largest bandwidth capacities enables us to deliver services ranging from 10Mbps to 100Gbps efficiently and very cost effective. Services that we offer our customers comprise Direct Internet Access, IP transit, Remote IX connectivity, Long Haul Ethernet, Metro Ethernet, Wavelengths and Dark Fiber, all supported 24/7 by our skilled and certified network specialists. Our rapidly expanding network currently covers more than 50 Points of Presence in both Europe and the US. As an official partner of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) we deliver remote connectivity to the exchange from any of our connected data centers. FiberRing guarantees you the fastest connections and the highest reliability. We deliver!
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GasLINE has a Germany-wide fibre-optic cable network of more than 10,000 km. More than 100 international and national companies rely on this network, which links all major telecommunications hubs and connects telehouses and PoPs in more than 100 cities. The network is gradually expanded in line with customer needs. For international connections, the GasLINE network links up with dark fibre networks in neighbouring countries. This offers the opportunity to connect your systems with capitals like London, Paris, Warsaw, Vienna and other European cities.
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Gateway is a leading telecoms service provider, specializing in data connectivity for customers that include multinational enterprises, government entities, NGOs, incumbent telecoms, ISPs and Mobile operators in Libya. Founded in 2012 in order to deliver market-leading, high quality, innovative international connectivity from all points of the globe to Libya. We provide high flexible, tailored telecoms solutions to meet your individual needs. Gateway is partnered with the best international telecom operators to deliver your services quickly, securely and reliably.
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GTS Central Europe is a leading provider of integrated telecommunications services in Central and Eastern Europe. GTS owns and operates an extensive fi ber optic and data center network throughout the region. In the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, the company combines its regional footprint with deep local networks to deliver a broad range of data, internet and voice services. GTS network extensions embrace: Austria, the Balkans, the Baltic States, Belarus, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and CIS countries. GTS is the only CEE based operator to obtain MEF certifi cation for its Ethernet product. GTS was awarded the “Best wholesale Offering of Central and Eastern Europe” award by Capacity magazine in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2010 and ‘Regional Service Provider of the year – EMEA 2011’ by Metro Ethernet Forum.
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IDT is a leading international carrier delivering over 32 billion minutes annually. We have over 1100 carrier relationships across 146 countries. Additionally, we operate a global distribution network serving tens of millions of customers a month with a variety of innovative telecom and financial services products. Let’s discuss how we can specifically serve your organization.
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Internet Solutions
is Africa’s largest managed networks services provider to global carriers and multinational companies, with services available throughout Africa. Over the last 20 years have built an infrastructure of 58 African points of presence (PoPs) in 14 African countries. Internet Solutions boasts access to 210+ Gbps bandwidth capacityover multiple cable systems, 12 000sqm datacenter space, and the largest Africa VSAT MPLS network of over 3500 VSAT terminals with Teleports in South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria and Germany. With international PoPs in New York, London, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore, the company is positioned to connect the world to Africa and Africa to the world.
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Interoute is the owner and operator of Europe’s largest cloud services platform, which encompasses over 60,000 km of lit fi bre, 9 hosting data centres and 32 collocation centres, with connections to 140 additional third-party data centres across Europe. Its full-service Unifi ed ICT platform serves international enterprises, as well as every major European telecommunications incumbent and the major operators of North America, East and South Asia, governments and universities. These organisations fi nd Interoute the ideal partner for computing, connectivity and communications and developing new services. Its Unifi ed ICT strategy has proved attractive to enterprises looking for a scalable, secure and unconstrained platform on which they can build their voice, video, computing and data services, as well as service providers in need of high capacity international data transit and infrastructure. With established operations throughout mainland Europe, North America and Dubai, Interoute also owns and operates dense city networks throughout Europe’s major business centres.
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owns and operates 80,100 m2 maximum equipable space within 32 data centers in 11 countries across Europe. As a leading pan-European provider of co-location and associated managed services, Interxion delivers a full set of services that allow more than 1,200 companies to securely house, connect, monitor and maintain missioncritical IT equipment. Interxion services start with basic co-location (cabinets, cages, private rooms) and range up to fully-outsourced data center solutions for disaster recovery and total operational resilience. with 18 European internet exchanges and over 400 carriers and ISPs, Interxion offers high connectivity across Europe. Interxion offers a highly cost effective, resilient and fl exible service for every organization type.
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iQsim is a manufacturer of Mobile Communication Routers and SIM Server platform. iQsim provides solutions for:
• Mobile End-to-End Testing : QoS, Roaming, Revenue Assurance, Network Monitoring , M2M
• Mobile Termination : Voice and SMS,
• Fixe-Mobile Convergence : Mobile Cost Reduction, FAX & SMS Messaging
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KPN International is the international Data and Communications Service Provider offering integrated and secure global communication services with the highest service standards and outstanding reliability for both corporate and wholesale companies.
• KPN is the leading supplier of telecommunication and IT services in the Netherlands and offers consumers fixed and mobile services, internet and television • KPN is the market leader in Benelux for integrated IT service provision in the Corporate Market. End-to-end telecommunications and ICT services to businesscustomers.• In Germany and Belgium KPN pursues a “multi-brand strategy” in the mobile market, in which it occupies a third place via E-Plus Group and KPN Group Belgium respectively • Worldwide KPN offers workspace services under the Getronics Workspace Alliance (GWA). • KPN manages an efficient IP-based infrastructure offering wholesale network services to other operators all over the world. The KPN International network is a resilient IP backbone, with connectivity to all major Internet exchange providers around the world. KPN’s network ranks among the highest quality networks in the world and is therefore able to provide the best service level agreements in the industry. The KPN International network is managed throughout Europe, across the Atlantic, AsiaPac and in the United States, offering guaranteed performance levels in critical areas such as availability, throughput, packet loss and latency.
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Liberty Global Wholesale – formerly known as UPC wholesale – is the wholesale unit of Liberty Global, the largest international cable company with operations in 14 countries. At Liberty Global, we connect people to the digital world and enable them to discover and experience its endless possibilities. Our wholesale services include a complete range of access, voice and internet services to carriers, ISPs and mobile operators across Europe. We provide these services over our own extensive fiber-based networks, advanced data and IP network platforms and VoIP switching systems. Even with our extensive network and size, we value personal relationships. With over 60 local account managers we can provide a personal approach to your business needs.
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Neutrona Networks is a neutral and independent Latin American Carrier, built on IFX Networks' more than 14 years of experience in the industry to deliver advanced data networking solutions to international carriers in a one-stop shop experience. Neutrona’s direct presence in 15 countries and extensive network partnerships cover any location at any city in Central & South America, Mexico, the Caribbean and beyond. Neutrona is the only Latin American network to run on multiple sub-sea cable systems and terrestrial fiber rings combined with extensive network interconnections with most local access networks in the region.
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NewTelco is a global network-neutral solution provider in the telecommunication industry that offers a broad array of value-added managed services helping customers in building their eBusiness. Our comprehensive range of services runs from simple rack space to port leasing and complete project solutions. NewTelco’s three main product portfolios include: • Carrier Interconnection Services: based on the products LMR (Local Meetme Room), GMR (Global Meetme Room) and VPoP (Virtual Point of Presence) • Colocation Service • Integration Service NewTelco services are available in the most important telecommunication locations worldwide such as Amsterdam, Cape Town, Congo, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Kiev, London, New York, Stockholm, Tbilisi and Vienna. A key strength of the NewTelco offering has always been the ability to provide customers with solution out of one hand. Through initial consulting, project planning, and product development all the way through implementation, training and service support, NewTelco provides as much assistance as is requested and needed by the customer. The company’s technology approach enables it to respond to individual carrier needs with a high degree of flexibility and tailor-made attention. Get in touch!
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NIX.CZ (Professional Association of Legal Entities) is associating Czech and foreign Internet related businesses in order to mutually interconnect their networks (co called peering). The Association runs the largest IXP (Internet Exchange Point) in the Czech Republic and is ranked among the 10 largest IXPs in the world. Consistent planning, sophisticated technical solution and 24/7/365 technical support lead to failure-free operation of the node. The Association encourages and facilitates IPv6 protocol based peering since 2003.
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NL-ix is headquarted in the Hague, Netherlands, and operates one of worlds largest Internet Exchanges with over 375 members.
On its high-grade shared network, NL-ix provides ISP’s, IP-carriers, Operators and other large Internet companies the ability to peer, to get transit, or to apply ethernet-capacity for interconnectivity. With services and coverage in more than 70 datacenters in several key areas in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Luxembourg, NL-ix offers supreme quality, and the most competitive services in the market.
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NTT Communications is the long-distance & international communications and ICT solution provider of NTT — the no.1 telecommunications company in the world (ranked 29th in the Fortune Global 500 list of 2012.) NTT Communications delivers high-quality voice, data and IP services to customers around the world. The company is renowned for its diverse information and communication services, expertise in managed networks, hosting and IP networking services as well as industry leadership in IPv6 technology. NTT Com’s extensive global infrastructure includes a Tier 1 IP backbone connected with major ISPs worldwide, IP-VPN service that reaches more than 150 countries, and secure data centres in Asia, North America and Europe.
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Oculeus is now the leading supplier of operational optimization software, ‘Captura’.  In Captura Oculeus has created proven, innovative and scalable telecom management solutions enabling automated, quantifiable improvements in profitability and greater business process efficiencies in managing wholesale, mobile and national traffic, including Roaming Management, Fraud Detection and Network Analysis tools.
By working to ensure seamless integration, and a level of support which is second to none Captura has become the solution recommended by Carriers as the most cost effective and proficient available today.
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Operating in 33 countries, Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with over 224 million customers. We offer operators, ISPs and carriers not only the historical international network of the Group but also the latest wholesale innovations. Our presence on both the retail and wholesale markets worldwide means we deliver leading edge international wholesale solutions that are fully adapted to the needs of local retail operators. Based on a solid and extensive long distance network infrastructure, we pride ourselves in offering the most innovative solutions for our customers and partners with the highest quality of service. Our dedicated wholesale teams on four continents and our R&D investments make it possible for us to offer our customers the peace of mind and quality they require. For more information, please visit

OTEGLOBE is the international wholesale arm of OTE Group and the carrier with the most robust network presence in SE Europe. The company has grown to a regional hub delivering a complete portfolio of voice, transport, corporate and mobile services. OTEGLOBE is the only carrier in the Balkans region which reaches the rest of Europe through Greece with two fully owned, geographically diverse dual-path, multi-wavelength networks, the GWEN and the TBN. It also operates an extensive international voice network, a European IP/MPLS network while it participates in many submarine cable consortia. By capitalizing both on its geographic position and extensive network footprint, along with its strong corporate presence in SE European region, OTEGLOBE aims to establish its position as the reliable gateway, which connects Middle East & North Africa with Western Europe through Greece and the Balkans. For more information, please visit

Covering more than 1,800 cities and 120 countries, the PCCW Global network supports a portfolio of integrated global communications solutions which include Ethernet solutions, IP solutions, fiber and satellite transmission solutions, managed services and solutions, and voice over IPX (VoIPX) services. PCCW Global runs regional centers in Hong Kong, Herndon, Virginia in the US, Paris in France, London in the United Kingdom, Johannesburg in South Africa, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Beijing and Guangzhou in China, Tokyo in Japan, Seoul in Korea, Singapore, while our team maintains presence in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.
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Relined is a young and dynamic organization that rents out unused capacity of dark fiber of its shareholders, TenneT and ProRail, and from her own network in the city ring of Amsterdam with a wide range of POP-locations. Relined uses the unique network of TenneT and ProRail in high-voltage pylons and along railway lines throughout the Netherlands, that is completely separate from other carriers and has connections with dark fiber suppliers in Belgium and Germany. Relined serves wholesale and enterprise markets.
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Telecom Italia Sparkle is a leading global telecommunication service provider, offering a complete range of Voice, Data and Internet solutions designed to meet the ever-changing needs of Fixed and Mobile Carriers, ISPs, Content Providers, Multimedia Players and Corporate Customers. With a history of experience and know-how in a multitude of markets, Telecom Italia Sparkle owns and manages a global and technologically advanced proprietary network which comprises of three major regional systems in Europe, the Mediterranean and Latin America, in order to guarantee the availability of high quality, end-to-end infrastructure in areas of strategic focus. In addition, our bilateral networks connect us with virtually every country worldwide. Through a global portfolio of services, a state-of-the-art global network, advanced OSS, BSS and customer care capabilities, and through an extensive worldwide commercial presence, we are able to fulfil our mission of providing customers with the best cost and top performing services on the international telecommunications market.
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TelecityGroup is Europe’s leading provider of premium carrier-neutral data centres, operating facilities in city locations across Europe. Our data centres provide secure and highly-connected environments for the IT and telecoms equipment that powers the digital economy. Our data centres are enabling environments in which the separate networks that make up the internet meet and where bandwidth intensive applications, content and information are hosted. Customers choose Telecitygroup because of our high-quality infrastructure and service standards, connectivity options and capacity to support their future growth.
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Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), Malaysia’s broadband champion and leading integrated information and communications group, offers a comprehensive range of communication services and solutions in broadband, data and fixed-line. As a market leader, TM is driven by stakeholder value creation in a highly competitive environment. The Group places emphasis on delivering an enhanced customer experience via continuous customer service quality improvements and innovations, whilst focusing on increased operational efficiency and productivity.
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The Telekom Austria Group is Austria’s leading provider of telecommunication services. We are an integrated, convergent provider of intelligent information and communications services and a leader in our geographic market. The Group is currently operating in eight countries in CEE: in Austria (A1 Telekom Austria), Slovenia (Si.mobil), Croatia (Vipnet), Serbia (Vip mobile) and Macedonia (Vip operator), Bulgaria (Mobiltel), Belarus (Velcom) and Liechtenstein (mobilkom liechtenstein). Product Portfolio Wholesale covers your customers’ communication needs, such as voice, data, IP services, global satellite communications and mobile solutions. The basis for international connection is provided by the Telekom Austria Group’s own JetStream backbone and established partnerships. Why work with Telekom Austria Group Wholesale? • Three independent protected routes from Frankfurt to the Turkish border • Seamless end-to-end network providing Ethernet and MPLS • Technology and know-how within the footprint Single point of contact.
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TelServ is one of the biggest players in the world of Domestic PRS (090X – 080X), Pay Per Minute, and Pay Per Call/Drop charge (also known as VAS numbers).  In addition to PRS solutions, we offer Freephone (Toll Free numbers), Shared Cost numbers, and GEO numbers (DIDs) with a revenue share on the interconnection fee.

  We don't charge you a setup fee and there will be NO limitations on ports or channels for DIDs with a revenue share.  Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t charge you extra for ports or channels.  TelServ currently delivers (voice) numbers in more than 140 countries.  We have direct interconnections with the incumbent or local Telco in almost every country.  For more information, please visit

Teltac Worldwide is a leading solution provider in the enhanced telecom service sector on an international scale. Teltac Worldwide is the exclusive International Gateway for the country of Sierra Leone, as well as other GSM operators in Africa such in Guinea, Congo Brazzaville, South of Sudan, Djibouti, Angola and Burkina Faso, providing superb voice services for retail and wholesale. Teltac Worldwide is interconnected with over 300 strategic carriers worldwide, including most major Tier 1 carriers. Teltac Worldwide’s mission and vision is to become the premier long-term partner of major operators in Africa.
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Vanrise Solutions has secured in the past few years its position in the telecommunications market through its high quality turn key solutions and services. Vanrise is specialized in the Carrier Business Management Solutions, International Gateways Management, Fraud Detection, Mediation and Retail Billing Solutions. Serving customers worldwide, Vanrise Solutions has clearly differentiated itself from the competition in terms of its ability to serve specific niche industry needs, offer agile customizable solutions and exceptional customer care.
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Verizon Global Wholesale offers a broad portfolio of value-added, competitively priced services to assist domestic and international
telecommunications service providers in reaching their goals. We offer innovative solutions coupled with world class expertise and
global reach on a state-of-the-art network. With Verizon Global Wholesale, customers receive wholesale voice, data and Internet
services on one of the worlds largest and most reliable backbone networks. With specialized pricing, support options, and a dedicated team of specialists focused on your wholesale requirements, Verizon Global Wholesale provides the relationship you need today for the business you want tomorrow. Contact email:
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Viatel, part of the Digiweb Group, provides Connectivity and ICT solutions tailored specifically for larger enterprise, public sector, wholesale and carrier customers across Europe.
Viatel leverages an extensive portfolio of leading voice, cloud, managed services and data solutions with its wholly owned European fibre and data centre infrastructure. It’s advanced fibre optic backbone network connects 8 countries, 34 main cities, over 100 european data centres, and has metro fibre reach into the major carrier houses, data centres and the main Internet Exchanges.
With data centres in Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels, Viatel also owns over 8,500km of fibre network infrastructure which it has equipped with high capacity optical DWDM technology and multi service platforms. Viatel is a preferred connectivity partner of London Stock Exchange, and is directly connected to the largest content distribution networks, public cloud platforms, and internet companies globally.
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XOtel is the 5th largest telecom in Latvia with a proven financial stability offering niche routes to CEE and CIS countries. With 8 years on the market, we offer high-quality wholesale and retail voice services to customers the world over. XOtel provides a wide range of services and solutions based on cutting-edge telecommunications technologies. Our target is sustainable cooperation based on trust, quality and goals achievement. Our customer service is available 24/7 providing high-quality service all over the world. XOtel is confidently expanding its horizons by CONNECTING CONTINENTS. For more information, please visit 

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Türk Telekom International is one of the leading telecommunications operator in the CEE region, Caucasus, Turkey and the Middle East. It provides a full range of Internet/data services, infrastructure and wholesale voice services to incumbents, alternative carriers, mobile operators, cable TV companies, Internet service providers and corporate customers. Türk Telekom International is owned 100% by Türk Telekom. Türk Telekom International provides single account management and unified network operations over the entire Türk Telekom International network which includes: 20 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Middle East and the Caucasus. Türk Telekom International offers premium quality telecommunication solutions in the form of: guaranteed SLA-s, local experts, dedicated staff, centralized end-to-end network management, trustworthy and reliable attitude, delivering on commitments, on-time delivery, tailor-made, scalable and cost-effective technical solutions and a proven management team with a full service portfolio.

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