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Capacity Media/ITW supports the emergency relief work of Télécoms Sans Frontières, please contact: if you would like any further information.

Founded in 1998, Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) / Telecoms Without Borders is now recognised as the world’s leading emergency telecommunications non-profit organisation. Since its creation TSF has participated in emergency relief efforts around the world, setting up critical communications facilities in war-torn or disaster zones for affected populations and other aid workers.

Capacity Media, through its publishing and conferences portfolio, is established as the leading source of information for the global wholesale telecommunications community. Capacity first formed its partnership with Télécoms Sans Frontières in September 2012 and we are very pleased to announce that Capacity Media has now joined a group of world-class companies and institutions as one of TSF’s Official Partners, supporting the valuable work carried out by TSF in some of the most vulnerable and dangerous corners of the world.

Capacity’s affiliation with TSF has so far raised over £30,000 through various fundraising events, which has contributed directly to helping hundreds of thousands of people in need from those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines, to those suffering during the current conflict in Syria.

In its 15 year history, TSF has deployed teams to more than 65 countries on five continents, supporting over 800 relief organisations and providing humanitarian calling operations to hundreds of thousands of people in need. TSF is a partner of the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO) and in October 2006 also signed the first worldwide partnership between an NGO and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and UNICEF. In the same month TSF was also designated “First Emergency Telecoms Responder” within the United Nations Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC).

TSF in Iraq

Since the beginning of June, an uprising against the Iraqi government has caused chaos and anarchy to sweep through northern Iraq, as insurgents capture key cities in the region making their way towards the capital, Baghdad. According to the UNHCR an estimated 1 million people have now been displaced as they flee the violent combat in search of refuge.

On Sunday 15 June a team from Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) arrived in the Kurdish town of Erbil, some 80km from Mosul which was most recently seized by the insurgents. Following a thorough assessment to determine how to provide support most effectively, TSF is now working in Erbil as well as at the Khalak checkpoint and in the ever-growing Khazir refugee camp.

The emergency relief efforts of TSF and other first responders are firmly underway, and the support of Capacity Media along with TSFs other Official Partners is directly helping those most in need in three significant ways:

1. HCOs: Since the team’s arrival, TSF has offered humanitarian calling operations (HCOs) which not only provide mental and emotional relief to the refugees, but also allow them to request personalised assistance adapted to their needs.
2. Telecoms Centre: Fully equipped by TSF, the centre facilitates inter-agency communication and allows emergency workers on the ground to effectively coordinate their relief efforts.
3. Education Centre: TSF has set up a programme offering extra-curricular mEducation activities to allow the thousands of children uprooted by the conflict to pursue their studies even under such extreme circumstances. Every day the centre welcomes around 60 children who use a selection of the best tablet applications providing lessons in Arabic, English, Science and Mathematics.

For further information and updates about TSFs work in the region, please visit

TSF at Khazir refugee camp

TSF at Khalak checkpoint

Education centre at Khazir refugee camp

Education centre at Khazir refugee camp



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