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Lead sponsor interviews

With the list of attendees beeing released soon, we asked our lead sponsors about their achievements, their business focus and who they want to meet at Messaging & SMS World. See their answers below and secure your place to meet them in London.


What are your top 3 services that you offer for the industry?
HAUD: 1) SMS Traffic Profiling Services and System Trials to assist Mobile Operators in understanding the extent of A2P SMS revenue leakage occuring on their networks.
2) A proprietary solution for SS7 and SMS monitoring and filtering that is integrated with the Operators current network elements.
3) A 24/7 Managed Service, Managing the HAUD filtering solution and directing A2P SMS senders to route traffic via the operators preferred SMS gateway. Ensuring revenues are returned to the Mobile Operator.

What is you biggest achievement in the industry?
HAUD: Mobile Operators who have implemented our solution and used our Managed services have seen:
• 90% of A2P SMS traffic delivered via grey routes captured within 70 hours from going-live
• A2P SMS traffic monetisation within 90 hours
• 98% reduction in spam and fraudulent SMS
• 114% growth in local Bulk SMS Business
• Balanced MSU counts on international links

What is your business focus for the next year?
HAUD: With a recent expansion of our team, HAUD aims to be the be go-to service partner for telecommunications revenue assurance and security ensuring that Mobile Operators and International SMS Gateways have the tools and services needed to maximise the A2P SMS monetisation opportunity.

Who do you want to meet at the event?
HAUD: Mobile Operators wishing to tap into the A2P SMS Revenues while protecting their network from Fraud and Spam thus enhancing their customer’s experience and network integrity.
SMS Gateway providers wishing to complement their commercial proposition to Mobile Operators with a solution ensuring that all A2P SMS is delivered to the operator via their gateway, thus eliminating all grey route traffic into the operator.
Why are you sponsoring Messaging & SMS World?
HAUD: Monetising A2P is the next great challenge for the messaging sector and HAUD is focused on helping the industry realise this opportunity. Monetisation cannot happen without the cooperation of Mobile Operators and SMS Gateways, and Messaging and SMS World presents the perfect opportunity to speak with both audiences. HAUD works with operators and messaging providers to block illicit routes, protecting the A2P SMS ecosystem and ultimately benefiting all businesses generating revenue through messaging. 


What are your top 3 services that you offer for the industry?
ROUTESMS: We provide Messaging, Voice and Messaging platform as our top product in market. In messaging we have over 100 Plus direct operators connection adn we covers more than 700+ operators worldwide. Top clients of ROUTESMS includes OTT players, Banks, Enterprise and Aggregators. 

What is your biggest achievement in the industry?
ROUTESMS: Running a successful messaging company for the last 12 years and serving over 17,000 clients worldwide. We achieved a huge milestone in the month of August 2015 by processing over 1.7 billion SMS in a single month. Other achievements include servicing 7 banks in India and 8 international. 
What is your business focus for the next year?
ROUTESMS: We are going for IPO launch by first quarter of financial year 2015-2016. Post IPO, ROUTESMS will start its operations in Brazil, Ghana, Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, USA, Singapore and Australia. We already operate in India, Dubai, London, Canada, Nigeria and South Africa.

Who do you want to meet at the event?
ROUTESMS: We would like to meet our old partners, clients and operators.

Why are you sponsoring/attending Messaging & SMS World?
ROUTESMS: Messaging and SMS World is a well planed messaging event which is only focused on messaging. As a 70 billion dollar industry, we feel that SMS is a huge industry and deserved its own event. We're happy to be associated with this event because it is targeted to the right audience.


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