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Clive Steady


An A2P SMS visionary, Clive had the following to say almost 5 years ago on his appointment to Anam: “It’s been declared that SMS has had its day but I believe we are yet to see the full potential, with many operators beginning to see the value of Application-to-Person messaging and the benefits it can bring in terms of both improved customer service and satisfaction, as well as new revenues.”

Focused on A2P SMSC monetisation from the MNO perspective, Clive has played a key role in establishing Anam as the current partner of choice for some of the worlds leading Telco’s. Clive joined Anam in 2013 as the company was defining its strategic approach to Security and Revenue Assurance opportunities in the messaging domain. Since then Anam has successfully evolved its pioneering and intelligent messaging technology and added an A2P revenue services layer that enables operators protect subscriber traffic and generate substantial new SMS revenues.

Clive has substantial international industry experience in sales, product management, engineering and consultancy with most of his career focussed on the mobile messaging market. Prior to joining Anam Clive held UK CEO position for Ammeon, a communications technology company offering managed delivery services and consulting. Clive previously worked for some leading technology companies, including Acision (& formerly Logica Aldiscon) in senior sales, product management and product engineering roles, and earlier in his career as Principal Consultant

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